on June 12, 2019
steps for enlightenment through the path of #ferrer
1- chant everyday, at 06:23AM, the ULARAGAZ prayer
"ularagaz iqbal aspect, boa noite a todos e os"
2- shout out of your nearest window (or INTO a window) the following:
3- Spread the word about God's vehicle: a #fordka
4- When you accomplish your mission by the end of the day, be sure to thank #ferrer for letting you follow the path of ferric wisdom. Express your gratitude through chanting the word EGE twenty three times, making sure the vowel sounds are long and (if possible) polyphonic.
5- Enhance the process of ferric enlightenment through the #ferrer official Wiki:
(keep this link a secret, otherwise you may become victim of god himself through a lawsuit)
(yes, god doesn't know we know that he is god)
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