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Born on January 1, 1970
by on December 5, 2019
  Asger Jorn Internationale Situationniste #6 (August 1961) Translated by Reuben Keehan   The history of religion seems to be made up of three stages — so-called materialist or natural religion, which reached its maturity in the bronze age; metaphysical religion, beginning with Zoroastrianism and developing through Judaism, Christianity and Islam to the Reformation of the 16th century; and finally, Jarry's ideology from the turn of the century, which has ended up laying the founda...
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by on October 25, 2019
The Dataplex is not a computer: it is a vast and open repository of knowledge. In other words, it is a database of data, which is called ”data point”. The Dataplex has been created using the open web. It currently uses a blockchain to transfer ownership of any piece of information, such as a document, photo, or text, from one person to another. The Dataplex is a unique thing that doesn’t exist anywhere else. And it is not easy to come across, but once you do, you’ll find that you’re in con...
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by on October 22, 2019
::: by Eris Omniquery ::: ::: We're all playing The Game 23: THE metagame, the game of games. "The Game" is a conduit that can allow one to enter into the most bizarre strategic situation in the history of strategic situations. A sort of primer, if you will. To conceptualize this, you need to know the definition of "metagame": The Metagame, or game about the game, is any approach to a game that transcends or operates outside of the prescribed rules of the game, uses external facto...
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by on March 6, 2019
  by Eris Omniquery   The Omniquery Initiative is a strategic project involving the unfolding memetic singularity / convergence. Its purpose is to asess the strategic conditions of this happening and accelerate them. The goal is to make Earth self-sustainable and humanity survivable. The necessary conditions for human survivability is the actualization of a memetic singularity. War is unsustainable. This is the war room in the war on war. A war fought through every human hope for pea...
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